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This page contains general tips for Merge Mansion.

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Tips for Beginners

  • We recommend always merging the daily free Piggy Bank (I) Piggy Banks to Piggy Bank (III) Level 3 every 4 days. You'll get more CoinsCoins and GemsGems than opening the Piggy Banks daily. You can get 14 items from the level 1 piggy banks, before merging them. Do not tap the Level 2 Piggy, but just merge them into Level 3 for maximum reward. Please look at the Piggy Bank page for a more thorough explanation.
  • Similarly for the Brown Chest (I) Brown Chests and Fancy Blue Chest (I) Blue Chests. They can merge to Level 2 and result in higher level drops.
  • Always merge XP Star (I) Experience Points to Level 5 for 50 XP and Bronze Coins (I) Bronze coins to Level 6 for 120 Coins. (Their max levels). This will help you level up faster and gain more Storage Space quicker.
  • If you are running out of space, don't sell any Primary Source items. They are much harder to come by.
  • Start spawning items from the Professional Broom Cabinet Broom Cabinet as soon as you can. This is due to the difficulty in getting items from this chain to merge the Cabinet Frame Broom Cabinet to higher Levels and their relatively low drop rate. You will also be in need of 5x Broom Broom during the game.
  • Energy100 Energy takes 3h 20m to fully recharge.

Organisation Tips

An organised garage

  • It's generally better to spend your coins on buying additional Storage Spaces for the Inventory. However the cost of additional spaces increases with each purchase, so be careful with your money.
  • Organise your board from the top down or left to right. Top Level sources in the very top row or on the very left. Corresponding lower level sources under/ next to them with drop items blow.
    • Items that belong together should be grouped together. Murphy’s law reigns here, suddenly you will have a frightful mess and need to clean up your board.
  • Time Charger Time Charger and Small Time Skip Booster Time Skip Booster are generally not that helpful if you're lacking space and can be sold or used up.
  • Energy (V) Energy Bubbles are common and easily obtained so there's no need to hoard more than 2 or 3 at one time. Space is more precious.
  • You don't have to redeem rewards (like Brown Chest (I) Brown Chest (I) or Piggy Bank (I) Piggy Bank (I)) and can leave them at the bottom of the garage. They will stack. However, you cannot choose which reward you want to open. They stack in the order they have been received, with the latest one on top of the stack. You have to open whichever is on top of the item you want and unused items cannot be returned to the stack, you have to either keep them on a spot in the garage, use them or save them in the Inventory. Any items still in the stack can be left there.

General Gameplay Tips

  • If you're having trouble getting Professional Broom Cabinet Broom Cabinets, buy some Bolt and Screw Bolt and Screw for Gems23 Gems. They are not always available though.
  • If you play the game regularly, merge all Sources to the highest level possible. If you only check the game 1-3 times a day, then keep multiple lower-level Sources. This is so the Sources stack more items, you want to maximize the amount of drops at a single point (Higher level Sources may not provide a high stack or reach max limit faster).
    • For example Blue Pot (II) Flower Pot Level 8 and Blue Pot (III) Level 9 both stack maximum of 10 Seed Pouch Seed Pouches. Level 9 just does this quicker. So when you open the game in the morning, you can either have two Level 8 pots with 10 Seed Pouch Seed Pouches in either (20 in total) or just one Level 9 with 10 (but you can get more sooner). TIP: Before you close up for the night, leave 2 level 8 pots on the board, to receive 20 Seed Pouch Seed Pouches in the morning, then merge them to regenerate faster during the day.
  • If you have the space, you can spawn free items like the Peony Flower Seed Peony Flower, Water Leaf Bottle or Butterfly (I) Butterfly and sell them for coins. Seeds from the tree are rare and should be saved, whereas seeds from the vases are plentiful.
  • If you accidentally sell an important item (like a high-level Source), contact Metacore Support immediately with the item, date/time sold and your Player ID (found in the settings menu). They will usually restore it very quickly 😅.
  • If you don't know whether an item can be merged or not, you can check the border color. White means can be merged while grey means otherwise.

Feel free to add your own tips!

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